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overland conveyor with horizontal curves

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Overland Conveyor Co., Inc. designs some of the most powerful bulk material handling design software available.

Min. Horizontal Curve for Overland Conveyor

Sep 08, 2013· Minimun horizontal curve achieved for an overland conveyor How can the design of an conventional overland conveyor achieve 300 m. diameter on an horizontal curve. What variables I need to move or what conditions are necessary to achieve this diameters. Is possible? What is the minimun horizontal curve achieved in the world? Thanks in advance for your responses.


7. Horizontal Curve Control & Belt Turnovers 2.0 INTRODUCTION Troughed conveyor belt technology is extended with the successful commissioning of the Zimbabwe Iron & Steel Co. (ZISCO) 15.6 km overland in 1996. This paper describes the mechanical and control logic design of the world's longest single flite troughed belt conveyor.

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Belt Conveyors Suitable for a Variety of Applications . ... Overland conveyors (stationary and shiftable) with or without horizontal curves; Conveying capacities can vary from about 100 t/h for various material handling applications up to 50,000 t/h for the handling of overburden in massive mining applications.

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Mar 21, 2008· I have not been involved in sepciality conveyor design for quite some time now. I am now geting involved in feasibilty study of about 5 km long conveying system .Hence looking for various options and trough conv with horizontal curves ican be one of the possibility. I am looking forward to get some fresh and latest ideas thru this forum.

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Industries Served Search & View DSI Installations References & Resources Overland Conveyors – High Lift, High Capacity We offer conventional conveyor systems of a simple or complex profile, from high capacity and high lift systems, to horizontal, vertical and compound curves. This includes horizontally curving systems and TBM trailing conveyors.

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Overland Conveyor Co., Inc. designs some of the most powerful bulk material handling design software available. Horizontal Curve Conveyors | Overland Conveyor Join Our Newsletter

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The case study presented in this paper is a 7.6 km OLC with compound vertical and horizontal curves, which was detail designed, construction managed and commissioned by Hatch. This conveyor was delivered as part of the Grosvenor coal project, Queensland, Australia, for which Hatch provided EPCM services. ... For overland conveyors that have ...

1.2 km Overland Conveyor with Tight Horizontal Curves

Aug 01, 2006· 1.2 km Overland Conveyor with Tight horizontal curves of 300 meter radius Nippon Conveyor Co., Ltd. Japan 1. Abstract Nittetsu Mining Co., Ltd. (Nittetsu) is a leading Japanese limestone mining company having several mines all over Japan. The company also owns copper mine in Chile.

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Overland Conveyor Co was selected to provide specialized design support for the development of unique and custom control algorithms for a 11.6 km overland. ... In order to negotiate 11 horizontal curves in plan, power was distributed between the head, tail and half way point on the conveyor. ...

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Overland Conveyor Co., Inc. designs some of the most powerful bulk material handling design software available.

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May 28, 2014· Overland belt conveyor with horizontal curve. World's longest trough belt conveyor in 2007 at 20.3km. Design joint venture with BMCL in Australia.

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Overland Conveyor Co has worked with hundreds of clients around the world on thousands of projects. The more difficult the belt conveyance application, the more likely we have been consulted. Owners look for unbaised technical advise and designers look for unique and innovative solutions.

Conveyor Horizontal Curve Calculations in Helix delta-T6

Horizontal Curve Calculations. To calculate the banking angles required and resulting belt drift in Horizontal curves requires you to first input the conveyor geometry including entering the X, Y, Z co-ordinates for the points along the conveyor. See the Entering X,Y.Z co-ordinates help topic.

Vertical and horizontal curves in trough belts

Apr 01, 2016· Dear experts, I was believing that horizontal and vertical curves are possible only in pipe conveyors. But I was told that it is possible in conventional trough belts also. Requesting experts to post their valuable comments on this. Are such conveyors successfully running without off-tracking nuisances? Kindly post their locations and projects names also, for reference.


P. Staples - Conveyor Knowledge & Information Technology (PTY) LTD . SYNOPSIS . This paper describes the design, construction, commissioning and testing of a 1 000 t/h capacity, 3,2 km long overland belt conveyor that incorporates two 1 350 m radius horizontal curves, taking the path of the conveyor through an angle of 95°. The conveyor forms ...

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CONVEYOR PERFORMANCE of horizontal curve criteria that permit the operating belt to ne-gotiate curves with gravity as the only external restraint. Side guide rolls are only provided as emergency or transient load condition safeguards. It is better not to guide the belt around horizontal curves by physical restraints, which add drag to

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With decades of lessons learnt and in response to increasing requests from overland conveying customers for cost effective modular, reusable conveyor solutions, NEPEAN Conveyors latest offering is the patented NEPEAN Relocatable Conveyor. ... Larger belt widths of up to 1.8m can be accommodated on conveyors without horizontal curves. When you ...

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– Shondoni Overland, South Africa (commissioning fall 2015): Engineering design and optimization of a 20.5 km single flight overland conveyor with multiple horizontal curves. Transporting 2400 t/h of coal on a 1200 mm belt at 6.5 m/s.

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the one system to traverse very sharp horizontal curves in small diameter tunnels. The carry and return roller sets are wider than standard for the size of belt to allow increased ... Overland Conveyor System to suit the Mitsubishi supplied Earth Pressure Balance (EPB) TBM at 6.9m diameter.


No. of horizontal curves: 6 No. of vertical curves: 6 Overland tube belt conveyors for bulk material handling Conveying direction Rv3 Rv5 Rv2 Rv4 Rv6 Rv1 Center distance 568 m A tube belt conveyor was selected for the transport of limestone between the quarry and the cement plant. This particular instal-lation required a combination of

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Oct 25, 2006· Alternatively to the pipe conveyor you can consider to use an EBS Conveyor. An alternative way of enclosed conveying which enabels much smaller horizontal curves as a pipe conveyor. For the EBS 800 the horizontal radius is 8 meters For the EBS 1400 the horizontal cradius is 16 meters. Please find more information on Best ...

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OCC – Overland Conveyor with Horizontal Curves Video October 19, 2015 Reinhard H. Wöhlbier Leave a comment 408 viewed An overland belt conveyor designed by Overland Conveyor Company, Inc., Lakewood, CO, USA and commissioned in 2006 carries 1000 tons per hour of aggregate down the mountain and carries 400 tons per hour of refuse back up to ...

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The overland conveyor, number CV 7–25–080, has an overall length of about 2.3 km and almost no change in elevation. The overland incorporates five concave, four convex and two horizontal curves, also see Fig. 4. The radius of the horizontal curves is quite small. The first horizontal curve has a radius of 750 m, the second of 900 m.

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May 23, 2016· Good day, Nowadays, i got several confusion about the influence factors of overland conveyor horizontal curve radius and verticle curve radius. It would be best if u can help me to explain the relevant resons. Highly appreciate in advance. Best regards. HQC company Mechanical department.

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Nov 11, 2015· Conveyor Vertical Curve Construction Good Morning, First I would like to introduce myself to the forum. My name is Josh, and I am a young mechanical engineer with about 8 years of experience - not all in the bulk handling side of things. ... Min. Horizontal Curve for Overland Conveyor. By mechanicaldesigner in forum Trough Belt Conveying ...

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The two most flexible types of overland conveyors are the pipe conveyor and curved trough conveyor. The advantages of both types are discussed in the following pages. In general the overland curved trough conveyor can carry a higher capacity of material than the pipe conveyor but the pipe conveyor can turn corners with shorter radii.

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Trials. Trying out an advanced design software before purchasing can be a necessity. We offer a 30 day trial of our Belt Analyst Pro conveyor software and a 30 day trial of our Bulk Flow Analyst Standard software for free. Belt Analyst ™ Click to Register for a free, Belt Analyst Pro, 30 …

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The 2D scale profile drawing will then show a shaded area representing the location of the input horizontal curve (see image below). Horizontal curve calculations including belt drift and input banking angles will be added to the curves tab for each horizontal curve added to the conveyor profile. Horizontal Curve Calculations


In addition to those projects, the company highlighted several current overland belt conveyors projects, which have been recently commissioned or are under construction. The Rogun Dam works in Tajikistan is being developed with the contribution of a 4-km-long overland belt conveyor with horizontal curves engineered and supplied by RBL-REI.